Founded in 2005, Guangdong Yingfeng Industrial Co. is a custom glass mirror specialist. Our design team can produce mirrors in various styles and shapes according to your needs. We provide customers with silvered mirrors, aluminized mirrors, mirrored glass furniture, glass mirrors with LED lights, mirror cabinets with LED lights, and more. We are an ideal choice for non-standard, decorative mirrors like those found in hotels, gyms, shopping malls, supermarkets, and clubs. Simply contact us and we will work directly with you to meet all of your mirror specifications! Read More
  • Yingfeng provides a broad variety of bathroom mirrors and we are willing to accept customization jobs based on different kinds of requirements, including styling, shape, size, etc.

    LED Lighting Mirror
  • From dining rooms to bedrooms, mirrors make your home more beautiful by creating an illusion of extra space. Hanging mirrors are the most commonly used type.

    Wall Mirror
  • You can customize your own full-length mirror according to size, shape, edge detail, and design. To ensure safety, our full-length mirrors are framed with solid wood, PS ...

    Full Length Floor Mirror
  • All of our mirrors are made in our factory to decrease the cost of purchasing mirrors for our customers.

    Decorative Mirror
  • The most popular living room mirror choices are large or oversized wall mirrors. When choosing a living room mirror, it is important to take into consideration other room décor, and the style and color of furniture in the room.

    Living Room Mirror
  • Mirrors are an attractive option in bedrooms, and can be placed in a number of places, including bedside mirrors, table top mirrors, free standing mirrors, dressing mirrors, full-length mirrors and more.

    Bedroom Mirror
  • Makeup mirrors are a popular element in dressing rooms, and are often used in backstage dressing rooms, private dressing rooms, beauty salons, hair salons and other locations.

    Hollywood Mirror
  • Mirrored glass furniture adds vivid colors to any room, and by using it, users can increase the light in a room, thereby making the room look bigger. Mirrored glass furniture also adds a touch of luxury and fashion to the room.

    Mirrored Glass Furniture

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